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First, we would like to help small businesses move forward with their outside opening. We installed some benches at Jersey Street to help restaurants in that area.

We continue cleaning up the town, which has been challenging at times. With the cooperation and dedication of our Inspections and DPW, the town has become cleaner and safer for our residents. The negativity by some will not deter our mission to continue the promise I made to everyone. The administration is doing their best with this endeavor.

Since our pool will not be opening, there will be a Walters Park cool down sponsored by the Mayor, Town Council, and the Phillipsburg Fire Department. They will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday from 2-3 PM in July and August. Hope everyone will enjoy the cool water on a hot summer day. Social distance guidelines need to be followed. This was Councilman Fulper and DJ Kophazy idea and is supported by the Mayor 150%.

The digester lids that were approved will take away 80-85% of the smell at the sewer plant promise made promise kept.

The library will be open curbside on Monday, June 22nd with minimal staff. I spoke with Library Director Debra Messling today and it will be good to go.

The Walters Park Pool is beyond repair. After three years of complete neglect and extensive patchwork and in a cooperative effort to enhance the quality of life for our residents here in Phillipsburg, the Council, at the request of Superintendent Kophazy have graciously offered to reallocate the unspent Armory bond fund to cover the cost of removing the old pool and reinstalling a new pool for our residents. The tentative date for opening will be Memorial Day weekend 2021.

The residents are subjected to no tax increase as this was already in the budget and accounted for. We vow to work together and as your Mayor, I am committed to working with our elected officials and my department heads to deliver a better quality of life for our community and the children.

I believe our plan for reopening the apparatus on the playground was the right decision. However, after speaking with the county prosecutor yesterday he has informed me that we need to close playground apparatuses until his office gives us the green light. I will continue to respect the chain of command during this pandemic and follow recommendations accordingly. I remain committed to reopening Phillipsburg as quickly, safely, and responsibly as possible. I apologize for the confusion and I am saddened for this information.

Respectfully Submitted,

Todd M. Tersigni
Mayor of Phillipsburg

Social Distancing Saves Lives - Why it matters and how to cope.

Why It’s Important
• Distancing slows the spread of COVID-19
• The virus spreads mainly through coughs and sneezes
• You’ll help protect essential resources for the sickest patients

Stay Connected Online
• Have a dinner party over video chat
• Host an online book club
• Check in with friends

Acknowledge the Stress
• Know that any anxiety and fear is normal
• Talk to others about your feelings
• Take breaks from the news




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Good News in Phillipsburg

High-flying thank you: Banners honoring veterans are in the works for Phillipsburg area excerpt by Kurt Bresswein | For 1/12/2020

Phillipsburg resident and U.S. Army veteran Cory Sullivan is working to get banners honoring the town's veterans installed along lampposts on South Main Street.

Banners are available for purchase by veterans, their family members, or members of the community.  Any veteran, living or deceased, or active duty service member is eligible for the recognition.

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